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Bumblebee Partnership bumblebee with its cogs cell

You may well be wondering why a company that designs some rather smart machinery and equipment is called Bumblebee Partnership. You may even be thinking that such an unusual name might suggest that we don't take ourselves or our work very seriously. Should we have opted for something with more gravitas? Apparently, names that sound Scandinavian or Germanic are the ones taken most seriously in test group studies. Maybe the company name should have been something sober and serious like "Huffenschliefer Design & Technology" instead? 


Definitely not! Bumblebee Partnership may not, on the surface at least, seem a particularly profound title for a company like ours, but it encompasses a concept that is ideally suited to who we are, what we do, and how we do it. 


You're probably familiar with one of the most enduring urban myths of recent times: namely, the one that states that the bumblebee can't possibly fly. Of course, no-one thought to mention the silly notion to the bumblebee. The myth, by the way, is probably the fault of a French entomologist by the name of Antoine Magnan. He apparently made the famous assertion, and then made the classic error of putting pen to paper. Whoever was responsible, that myth survives to this day.


The insect that 'cannot' fly but continues to do so, and extremely effectively, is very much like a lot of the work we undertake. We've built our reputation on taking on the challenges that others have said are impossible. We're seldom sure if such assertions are made on the basis of genuine belief, whether the problem is out of someone's corporate comfort zone, or (like the late Monsieur Magnan) on the basis of flawed calculations. Whatever the reason, this particular Bumblebee has a habit of accepting challenges and, despite those who may have said it can't be done, solving them. That's not arrogance, by the way, but simple fact. 


Then too, the bumblebee is all too often overlooked as we go about our daily lives, but it is an incredibly diligent and hardworking little creature. Despite the muttering that it can't possibly fly, there it goes in its furry little coat with that bright yellow warning stripe, working hard and simply getting on with what it does, no matter what anyone thinks. We really admire such quietly dedicated industry.

British bumblebees genus Bombus 6 main British species

Then there's the Partnership bit. Well, that has as much to do with people as it is with the partnership of processes that produces successful results. This particular Partnership brings together all of the disciplines and technologies required to solve a broad spectrum of technical, process and design challenges. 


More than that, though, we don't just solve problems. We research, design, innovate, invent, source, build, prove and manufacture. We then bring practical and effective solutions and products to our clients and the wider marketplace. So, whether it's desk-based or hands-on research, 3D conceptual design, mechancial engineering, software architecture, pneumatics, hydraulics or any of a host of other related areas, this Partnership beings them all together - effectively, productively, seamlessly. 

And, as if we didn't give ourselves enough challenges, Bumblebee Partnership also acts as an incubator, supporting new products with technology and people until they're strong enough to go it alone. The most successful to date is now an independent company - Evolution Rotacasters


So there you have it. This is why we named a design, innovation, engineering and technology company after the humble bumble. We are proud to be the Bumblebee Partnership - simply getting quietly on with what we do best.

Dragons Claw monitor stand

'Dragon's Claw' monitor stand, one of a range of office equipment designs