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You won't find lots of pictures on this website of things we've designed or built. As someone once observed, we're NDA-ed up to the eyeballs (and sometimes even beyond, if truth be told), but that tends to be the nature of good industrial and product design. We can, very occasionally, publish pictures of items that have been made using some of the things we've designed, but that's usually about as far as it goes.


It's entirely reasonable for you to have a bit of a problem with the seeming lack of evidence of our successful work, but look at it from a different perspective. If we're willing to risk our credibility by not parading former and existing clients' work all over our website to impress prospective new clients, you can be pretty confident we won't blow your IP either. We can, however, provide you with references you can contact and speak to personally.


It's a crazy system, but it works. In fact, the vast majority of the design consultancy work we undertake comes as a result of referrals from previous or existing clients.

"...the team spent plenty of time getting to understand our processes and our requirements before proposing a unique custom-built system for our complex manufacturing process.


Being able to think outside of the box and challenge the norm, we worked very closely together on the final solution.


...the team is trustworthy, reliable, capable of project management and work well with the GW team.


Games Workshop would not hesitate in recommending..."


Tom Howard, Purchasing Manager,

Games Workshop PLC

"...one of the more unusual companies we have worked with in that it has proven expertise across a wide range of skills areas that enable it to design, build, install and project manage...


Their team is characterised by down-to-earth practicality, combining approachability with professionalism. Whilst they are far from afraid to tackle challenges that many other companies would be hesitant to try, their solutions are practical, workable and efficient.


We have no hesitation in recommending..."


Raz Hoque, Leotel Software Systems Ltd

This unusual item is made from cured, randomly pigmented polyurethane. We call it the chaos theory in practise. It was created using a multi-pigment resin mixing, dosing and delivery system we invented, built and installed. It enables the user to dose in one colour only, or instantly flip between up to six pigment colours without ever having to stop dosing. It was initially produced for RIM (reaction injection moulding), but is just as effective for block moulding and rotacasting.

Games Workshop Forge Worls Techmarine

This grim little guy is a Techmarine in Mark III armour. He's from Games Workshop's Forge World.

Techmarine image published with kind permission of Games Workshop PLC

"We have collaborated with Bumblebee Partnership on a number of projects and have been continually impressed with the energy and inspiration that they bring to each new challenge.


Their particular strength is the ability to create a “Design for Manufacture” based on solid engineering practice and innovation. Each design concept proceeds with the central focus that it leads to a product that can be manufactured at the lowest possible cost and the maximum efficiency.


We look forward to many years of close cooperation with Bumblebee Partnership."


Mike Larsen, UK Divisional Manager,

Oriental Motor UK Ltd

Multi-pigmented resin from continuous controlled polyurethane dosing